Sumatran Orangutan with baby

Sumatran Orangutan with baby

  • 130mm (height) x 50mm (width)

  • Hand sculpted

  • Stained porcelain & parian

  • Status in the wild: Critically Endangered

  • 15% of profit sales are donated to support wildlife conservation efforts around the world

Due to high levels of habitat conversion and fragmentation, and illegal killing, the Sumatran Orangutan is estimated to have experienced a significant population reduction in recent years. Forest loss data indicate that key Sumatran Orangutan forest habitat was reduced by 60% of its area between 1985 and 2007. It is thought that this reduction will continue as forests within the species’ range remain under considerable threat 

Please contact Charlotte directly if you would like to provide this Orangutan with a new home, or if you have any further questions at

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