Pygmy Hog

Pygmy Hog

  • 105mm x 50mm

  • Hand sculpted

  • Stained porcelain & parian

  • Status in the wild: Critically Endangered

  • 15% of profit sales are donated to support wildlife conservation efforts around the world

The Pygmy Hog is at the brink of extinction, as only a few isolated and small populations survive in the wild which is now confined to a few locations in and around Manas National Park in Assam, India.  Listed as Critically Endangered because its population size is estimated to number fewer than 250 mature individuals, and it is experiencing a continuing decline. The main threats to the survival of the Pygmy Hog are loss and degradation of habitat due to human settlements, agricultural encroachments, dry-season burning, livestock grazing, commercial forestry and flood control schemes.

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