Golden Capped Fruit Bat

Golden Capped Fruit Bat

  • 110mm x 80mm

  • Hand sculpted

  • Stained porcelain & parian

  • Status in the wild: Endangered

  • 15% of profit sales are donated to support wildlife conservation efforts around the world

The Golden Capped Fruit Bat is threatened by severe habitat loss and hunting throughout its range, including within protected areas. Most of Philippines' original old-growth forest cover (90%) has been destroyed. If current trends continue, no old-growth lowland forest will remain by 2030. Hunting of flying foxes is illegal in the Philippines. However, fruit bat hunting is on-going and largely unregulated throughout the country. Reasons for hunting fruit bats in the Philippines vary from Filipino cultural heritage, and fruit bat meat being valued as a delicacy and/or for its medicinal properties.

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